Quality & service

Decades of experience and know how, high-quality machines and very dedicated people allows us to serve our customers with high-end products and prompt deliveries. In addition, we are always willing to work closely with our customers to develop new solutions for the challenges they are facing. Finally we put a lot of time and energy into reducing our ecological footprint by continuously testing new materials and processes.

High-quality products, prompt deliveries and close cooperation with our customers are our most important priorities.


Together with our partners, we are always on the lookout for innovative technologies. This in order to bring environment-friendly alternatives to the market.

At Crown General we are very concerned about the environment and climate change. That is why it is our priority to deliver sustainable products. We put a lot of effort in examining the different components of our foam and continuously consider possible alternatives for a more sustainable and environmental-friendly production. Establishing deep relations with our customers and suppliers is therefore one of our main priorities.

Furthermore we are convinced that PVC can play a prominent role in a green and environmental-friendly world. Compared to other alternatives, PVC products are very durable, versatile and have ideal insulation properties. On top of that, PVC products are 100% recyclable which opens the way to a new world based on a circular economy. Therefore we believe our foam is the product of choice for anyone who carries cost-efficiency AND durability as their main principles.

During the production process, we also put a lot of effort into reducing our waste. By means of continuous refinement of our production process, optimization is an ongoing process. Among other things, we strive for optimum energy efficiency. Our mission is a completely energy neutral production. To achieve this, we rely on partners with a similar mission in the matter of sustainability and environment.

REACH and RoHS-regulation

At Crown General, we are always transparent about used products and chemicals. This is made possible by close monitoring of raw materials on the one hand and regulations on the other.

As we work with chemical resources we are subject to the REACH and RoHS-regulation. At Crown General, we are committed to the rights and obligations that come with it. Together with our target groups, suppliers and partners, we follow the reach legislation very closely. This close follow-up and our transparency to our customers is the key to success.


Our Quality Management System is certified to ISO 9001. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 14th of July 2020.

Since 1965, our most important goal is to manufacture PVC-foams and coatings of the highest quality. To make this possible, we have developed a comprehensive quality system that has been approved over the years by the automotive, construction and other industries. We constantly monitor our processes through internal audits to ensure continuous improvement.

Customer service

We are committed to working closely with our customers and suppliers in order to put the right product on the market together. In addition, we focus on punctuality and the shortest possible delivery times.

Our high added value is that we can customize our products according to customer demand. We are always willing to adjust our foams and materials to our customer’s wishes. In addition, we are committed to partnerships. These ensure that we can look for the best solutions together. This also applies to our relationships with our suppliers. Our experienced team of qualified staff ensure an effective quality control system and provide a constant back-up service.

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