Markets & Applications

For decades Crown General has earned a solid reputation in the worldwide foam conversion industry. Our PVC foams fulfill the needs of a wide variety of industries where an effective seal against water, dust, noise and vibration is required.

We supply customers in the automotive, construction, sports and leisure, general industry and many others.


Crown General’s high quality foams have been successfully used as sealants and insulation applications for decades in the building, glass and flooring industry.

Applications in construction

  • Glass industry: glass protective pads to avoid damage during handling, storage and transportation
  • Window and door sealing
  • Sealing against air and dust
  • Profile construction e.g. window-sealing profiles
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Foam for flooring and carpets


As important partner of the automotive industry, Crown General delivers to constructors as well as to the automotive supply industry.

Our PVC foams meet the FMVSS 302 standard (= Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Specification) and its fire retarding properties make it much in demand, particularly in the case of interior trim for motor vehicles, where worldwide legislation is demanding ever improved safety standards.

Applications in the automotive industry

  • Sealing and protection of interior and exterior car elements such as armrests, door panels, sun visors, hat shelves, instrument panels, steering wheels etc.
  • Acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Noise and vibration damping

Sports and leisure

We strive for ultimate durability, comfort and resilience of our foam. More than ever, we are focussing on using our expertise and knowledge for high-end sports products.

Applications in sports and leisure

  • Mats for yoga and fitness & physiotherapy
  • Engraved and embossed mats
  • Fitness floor protection mats
  • Mats with scrims for extra durability

General industry

Primarily due to its versatility, cost efficiency and durability, there are numerous other applications, where our foam solutions proved to be the product of choice.

Applications in general industry

  • HVAC: sealing of ventilation ducts, air duct insulation parts, seals and gaskets, foam sheets for air-conditioning pipes etc.
  • Domestic appliance industry: thermal insulation for dryers, sound insulation for washing machines etc.
  • Agriculture: conveyor belts for fruit and vegetable cultivation
  • Medical industry: ECG pads
  • Consumer goods: foam for headphones and headsets

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